An iPhone 8 Ceramic

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The Pros And Cons Of A Possible iPhone 8 With Ceramic

If you already think of Apple's next phone, we could see an iPhone 8 ceramic. It all started with the introduction of the Apple Watch Series 2, made of ceramic, but soon we would see it in the flagship device.

Those of the Apple surprised many with an iPhone 7 called "jet black" which quickly became a hit in sales, so it was hard to get it. Innovation in manufacturing material caught the attention of everyone, and it seems that this will also be the bet for the next model.

According to Apple, the ceramic is four times more resistant to stainless steel. In addition, it has a bright and Pearly finish that will not scratch or deteriorates. In an article published in Quora, the Alchemist and metaphysical Brian Roemmle says that the hardness, mechanical properties and resistance to corrosion of zirconium oxide ceramics are ideal for the application of high pressure.

The zirconium ceramic is extremely efficient in the heat dissipation; What upcoming processors that doing a lot of tasks induce more heat would help. A combination of lithium and ceramic batteries could make possible a longer duration. In addition, they continue to operate regardless of breakage; Plus they are more safe and recyclable.

Brian Roeemle indicates that a cost analysis conducted, producing a monohull for the next iPhone would be less expensive than the current manufacturing in large quantities. Cons of a ceramic iPhone 8. Pottery requires a greater than aluminium production time. Apple points out that its level of precision in the manufacturing, manufacture each Apple Watch Edition box takes two days; same that increase to be all iPhone casing.

Greg Koening, author of Atomic Delights, says that Apple should that change the way making your iPhone to meet the demand of devices. So you would have to spend to have 20 thousand machines making the iPhone 8 ceramic to about 250 thousand.

When iPhone 8 ceramic?

Brian Roemmle says that this change in design would on the iPhone 8 occur in September 2017. For his part, Greg Koening says that in the tenth anniversary model, we would know the iPhone 8 ceramic. You can read more iPhone 8 news here.