Wireless Printer App

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Wireless printing is a significant progress in the development of printing technology. Thanks to this technology, now printing from smartphone, tablets and any other devices becomes so much easier. As we all know that to make it possible for the wireless printer to do its job, we need to install the right app. Firstly we’d like to start with mobile printing app. Mobile printing is printing apps which can be used to enable wireless printing from mobile devices like smartphone and tablets. And here we are going to discuss several apps for mobile printing:

Epson iPrint

The Epson iPrint mobile app is a mobile printing app which can make it easy to print from any mobile device to a variety of Epson models especially Android device. Using this mobile app is very simple and easy, you just need to swipe your finger to print, scan and share the selected document. The features Epson iPrint are compatible for a variety of Microsoft office products including Excel, Word, and PDF documents, and also webpages. Every document can be print directly from the mobile device. To print a webpage, you have to use the built-in web browser. By using this app, you can also access and print files from Box, Dropbox, Evernote, and also Google Docs.

Lexmark Mobile Printing

Lexmark Mobile Printing is a mobile printing for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This app lets you send documents and images to a Lexmark device connected to business or home network directly. Share the file with the Lexmark Mobile Printing app whenever you want to print. If you want to add printers to the Lexmark Mobile Printing app, you can search your network. Ensure that your smartphone or tablet and the Lexmark print device are on the same subnet of network.

HP Printer Control

HP Printer Control from Hewlett Packard Development Company, L.P., is a mobile printing app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. this app gives the control of what the mobile device needs to manage digital and paper content efficiently. You can scan paper documents and retrieve cloud based documents for printer-ready status by using this app. You can also share scanned content with mobile upload option like iCloud, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Evernote, and also Facebook.


PringtJinni is a mobile printing app of Thinxtream Technology for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This is a robust app which permit you to print documents and images directly from your mobile device. You can get this app for free after subscribing to the service to keep using this app after the 30 days’ trial period. You can use this app to preview Microsoft Office content as if you were using a personal computer with no need of using any additional software and hardware. While you are browsing, you can use the paste board option for the quick on-the-go printing to print the selected text.

Samsung Mobile Print

It is a mobile printer app which is suitable for Android 2.0.1 and up. This app allows the users to print, scan or even send a fax wirelessly from any Android devices like Android phone, and tablet to almost any Samsung Laser Printer. Samsung Mobile Print app support to print or send fax, most of the digital content such as Office documents, PDF, images, emails, web pages and also the content of social network sites.

Brother iPrint&Scan

This is a mobile printer app which is mostly suitable for Android 2.1 and up. You can use this app to scan and print photo/document/webpage/email easily. This app is free, so you can download and install it for free. Use the local wireless network to connect the Android phone or tablet to Brother printer. It is very recommended app for Android because this app doesn’t need a computer nor even driver.

There are more mobile printing apps that can be appropriate for wireless printer. As long as your choice suits your device, nothing to worry about. You can also browse on your play store to get the other recommended apps for wireless printer app which best suits your device. You’ll see some free and paid apps on the store, so you have many choices there. But don’t forget to see the review of the other users before you choose the apps.